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The Value of Friendship

May 24, 2017

One line that I have heard several times as a teacher, and as a youth minister is "Friends are only temporary" , or another one "My friends are causing drama" . Sound familiar?

Often times we can even find ourselves saying these things about other people - whether they are coworkers, bosses, etc... and in the same breathe we can see the most important friendships fall to peices in...Read more

Who Am I?

May 18, 2017

Who Am I?

Tobey Maguire who play's Spiderman in the original movie, and in the very beginning of the movie the question is asked "Who Am I"? Of course we all know by the end of the film that the answer to the question is Spiderman. However, outside of the movie world, that same question is a prominant one in both the Theological and Philosophical fields of study....Read more

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About Robert

Robert Batch has a degree in communications with a minor in theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. His passion lies in teaching, lecturing, and speaking.

Robert Batch is a proud member of the elite Catholic speakers bureau CMG Booking.

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What People Are Saying

Robert is led by the spirit and is able to engage the youth in a way that truly encourages them to grow closer to Christ and His Church

Youth Minister

I was a part of a retreat that Robert led, and let me tell you it was beyond amazing…

Youth Participant

Robert has a heart for the Lord that enables him to relate well with Teens. I have witnessed his ability to engage them and work with a large audience.

Robert Batch has been a tremendous asset to RCIA at my parish. His presentations are always thought provoking and when given any topic his knowledge of the faith and love of evangelization is evident and refreshing.

Julia Dobrucki

Mr. Batch is not an ordinary everyday teacher. He care's about the students, and makes sure that the material is understood by everyone.


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